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Ducklings Ahead

This post warrants two photos rather than one.  Just outside the door I enter at work, a miracle of nature is taking place.  I’ve watched over the past several weeks as a mother duck built a nest, layed more than a dozen eggs over a three day period, and now sits nearly all the time on her precious brood.  Yesterday was particularly warm, and she decided to go for a brief swim in her water dish.  She needs a little swimming pool.  There’s a pond across the street, but I surmise she didn’t want to leave her eggs that long.  I’m anticipating the arrival of the little ducklings.  It won’t be much longer (they should hatch approximately 28 days after the mother begins sitting).


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  1. prettytimepiece said:

    hi! i found your blog on Caitlin’s this morning 🙂 i love your idea for it. beauty is everywhere! looking forward to reading more


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