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Florida & More

I took so many photos during my two week sojourn to Ohio, Savannah, GA, and Florida.  I’m going to put them on here in a couple of categories.  First, Savannah, GA.  Second, my top five photos.  Third, eleven honorable mentions.  And finally, photos from around Preble County of what I like to call “great big puppies.”  There are so many more I could share, but these are the most representative of the 178 photos I took.

First up — Savannah, Georgia

County Courthouse with flag on top at half-mast on September 11th.

Savannah oak trees with Spanish moss… so tranquil.

A lovely palm tree by a building

My Top Five Favorite Photos … (okay, could only narrow to six)

The Honorable Mentions

The Great Big Puppies

Mom and I drove around the country in Preble County Friday evening.  I got out of the car to call the cows, and they came over to the fence just like big puppies.  They were so curious and had such expressive faces.  There’s no way I can eat another bit of beef.  Look at these beautiful, graceful animals.


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  1. Marie Hegeman said:

    I’m not kidding – someday, you might want to put out an “Ordinary Wonders” calendar. I’d buy it!!

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