…finding the extraordinary in everyday life.

Sometimes, I take pictures during the day too.  This is my Library… a good place to be.  There’s a lovely view looking toward the upper stacks on the other side, but the view is obscured by “art.”  So, I took the photo of the staircase and reading area instead.  Taken from the reference area.

Just because…

And Serena.  First, one of her favorite activities (yes, you’ve seen a similar photo before, but she does it ALL the time).

In the following few photos, Serena attacks her little yellow ducky that’s stuffed with catnip.

And in the following photos, Serena attempts to take a cat nap while I attempt to take a high quality photo of her in her new pink bed so sweetly gifted by Melissa, the librarian (thank you, Melissa).

“Ugh, that camera again,” sighed Serena.

With diminishing patience, Serena stated, “A little consideration, please.”

She tried to ignore the camera.

I put the camera away after one more photo when she covered her little eyes and said, “Please, please, just stop this.  It’s sssooooooo tedious.”


Comments on: "My Library & More of Little Serena" (2)

  1. Marie Hegeman said:

    The captions are as sweet as the photos!

  2. Serena is so beautiful and so sweet! What a lovely face. I can see that she is relishing her new life… she is much more relaxed and at home than those first photos. Wonderful!

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