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Serena’s First Photos

I’ve stalked this poor cat with the camera for two days now, but I still can’t get a good photo with her eyes open.  Unsurprisingly, she detests the flash.  I’ll get that perfect photo soon.  These introductory photos will suffice for now.

Her favorite activity is watching out the patio doors.  I need to get a bird feeder to put out there to help ensure a steady supply of birds to watch while I’m out at the Library every day.

Serena said with great annoyance, “Get that flash out of my face.”

Her face isn’t even in them, but I love these next two photos.  They show her pensive side.  She is so content, peaceful, and serene.  She is just precious!!!

Melissa said, “Michele, you’re the hero in this situation for giving an adult cat a home.”  I see her point, but I feel like I’m the one who received a tremendous gift.  Serena has a wonderful personality, she’s entertaining, she’s so smart, and I think she’s a deep thinker too.  We’re going to get along just swimmingly.


Comments on: "Serena’s First Photos" (3)

  1. Well, Serena made it home! How wonderful. She seems quite content with her new home and so do you with her! How exciting. She looks like she could be related to Pennsy! Congratulations new mom!

  2. Marie Hegeman said:

    So, Serena is part of your home now – how lovely!

    Getting a flattering photo of a cat is, I think, a photographer’s hardest challenge. Tom gets good ones for his annual calendar gift to me, but he admits he spends the year stalking them and taking hundreds of photos, most of which get deleted. Be patient, and you will get some good ones soon!

  3. Beverly said:

    I am so happy she found a forever home! She is such a wonderful cat, I knew she would be a great kitty for someone!

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