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Out of what seemed like 25 duck eggs this spring, only two ducklings are walking around the law school grounds.  I couldn’t get a photo of their faces because the mother (as she should) kept gathering them up and away from the scary human with the camera.

Alas, my few duckling photos.  They’re as cute as can be.

Their little feet are so tiny, but they move so fast.

I think Mama Duck was giving me the evil eye in this one.  Mama: step away from my children.  Me: Hold still for just a minute, please.  I want a photo of your family.

And look at those cute little baby feet.  Precious.

I also recently turned this (plus a bit of butter and several spices)…

…into this.  It’s Chana Masala.  I’ve never eaten and certainly not made Indian food before, but I saw this recipe on a healthy living blog called Eat Live Run, and I had to try it.  I also learned a culinary term – pince (pin – SAY), which means pretty much to let a crust form.  I love new words!!!!

It turned out very good, but there was something missing.  I used no added sodium everything thought the spices would make up for the lack of salt.  But it really needed just a little.  I also need a better camera for food photos.  The flash tends to wash everything out and make it look far less appealing than it does in person.  Perhaps one day I’ll have a fancy schmancy camera.


Comments on: "Ducklings & a Taste of India" (1)

  1. Marie Hegeman said:

    I read an article yesterday about a French sea salt mixed with herbs that is used very sparingly to enhance flavor. You don’t cook with it, just sprinkle on the finished product. Supposed to be delicious!

    Cute little duckies!!!

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