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I notice this size difference consistently now in my new love — Asian pears.  The organic, although smaller, does taste better.  The flavor is more clear – if that makes any sense.  And seriously, the size difference has got to be from chemical fertilizers.  Organic really is better.  I don’t think we, as a society, can deny it any longer.  We can’t deny it costs more too, but I’m working on a new plan — eat better, eat less.  It costs about the same to eat less higher quality food than more lower quality food.  We have to pick and choose sometimes.  According to the Environmental Working Group, pears are one of the 15 most contaminated conventional produce items.


Comments on: "Organic v. Conventional" (1)

  1. Marie Hegeman said:

    Tom’s dad had an apple tree outside his back door. He never fertilized or pruned it. The apples were tiny and blemished, but oh, they were so sweet and good! Plus the windfalls attracted deer, and it was beautiful to see them up close and nibbling!

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