…finding the extraordinary in everyday life.

This cypress tree is so impressive.  It’s HUGE and must be 200 years old.

The roots growing up from the water were really pretty, and the sound of flowing water never fails to make me happy.  Can you hear it now?

The photo doesn’t capture it perfectly, but the light was shining like a spotlight onto this stump.  Bruised and battered… but still beautiful.

When my tendon fully heals and I’m back to doing several miles, I’m hiking to the top!  You can’t see it in the photo, but there were people on the summit.  I’ll be one soon.  Check back for photos from the top.

And just because he’s so precious… Clinton at age 6 in his backyard late April 2010.


Comments on: "A walk in the woods…" (3)

  1. Marie Hegeman said:

    They look like calendar pages! You are so talented!

  2. Mmm, I love a good romp in the woods. Funny how different our woods are from yours. Here in Missouri we definitely don’t have any cypress growing! So beautiful!

    • That’s so interesting. I figured Missouri had them too. These photos were taken just outside Little Rock, Arkansas.

      Some of my photos were Ohio though. Thanks so much for watching my blog. I’m gonna step back over to yours again too.

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